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Hello there! As of right now, this journal is not being used for anything important, except random posting at times :)
You can message me on Twitter if you need anything!

But - I thought either way, some people might want to know some stuff? Well, I'm a pretty new Arashian, living in Europe and currently a student!! I've only been studying Japanese for a little while now, so I'm definitely not 100% fluent, but I spent the majority of 2020's lockdown studying Japanese so I improved quickly! I can definitely thank Arashi for that. Oh also, I'm LGBT+.

And I'm also a big fan Suda Masaki and Yonezu Kenshi, so bear with me if I ever post about them too :)

If you would like to be friends, just leave a comment and I'll try reply! I don't really add anyone who I don't know as a friend, but I'd like to think I'm not too hard to get to know haha. Feel free to talk to me about anything! :) (I won't be posting locked posts here - those will all go in my community!)

(Slight warning: I have my own personal issues. If I suddenly disappear from LiveJournal, it's probably because of that (or school). I should always be pretty active on Twitter though, so it's best to contact me over there!)

Yonezu Kenshi Lemon Bonus Concert DVD

Hello there! I don't know if anyone will see this, or if anyone who sees this will actually like Yonezu Kenshi, but I wanted to share this anyway!

Yonezu Kenshi was the person who got me into the Japan/J-pop world, and I've been a huge fan of him ever since. I've never been able to watch this concert footage until now, but I managed to get it as a straight DVD file, so I converted it to MP4 for my own use and I thought I might as well share it! Plus this concert also features Suda Masaki, my favourite Japanese celebrity besides Arashi!

This DVD comes from a special edition that included the Lemon single CD and this DVD, and the concert footage was all recorded at the 2018/01/10 Budokan stop of his 2017/2018 Fogbound tour!

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Nakajima Miyuki "Ito" English Lyrics

This is a truly beautiful song. Please listen if you haven't! I translated it because I'm currently subbing the new film Ito, starring Suda Masaki and Komatsu Nana, which was inspired by this wonderful song. Check my LJ or Twitter for it to be out soon!

  ↳ In weaving, a 'warp' is the vertical thread and a 'weft' is the horizontal thread that gets woven between the vertical threads.
  ↳ Check out Suda Masaki x Ishizaki Huwie's version here!
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Yonezu Kenshi "Desho Masho" English Lyrics

I did this just for fun, and I guess it's good since this has never been translated very well, that I've seen. Not posting in my comm since it's not really Arashi, (although Nino recently exposed his Kenshi fanboy side in Bay Storm!!)

  ↳ There's not really any fitting way to translate the title; it's a kind of play on words between 'desho,' basically meaning "right?" and 'masho,' meaning "let's do ___." Makes sense, since Kenshi likes to play around with wording (eg, 'Uma To Shika' meaning 'idiot').
  ↳ This song, in Japanese, is quite stereotypically 'feminine'. 'Desho,' 'atashi,' 'nee' and others, are considered to be quite feminine language. Interpret that how you will!

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