bazuri (bazuri) wrote,

A Bazuri Guy!

Hello there! As of right now, this journal is not being used for anything important, except random posting at times :)
You can message me on Twitter if you need anything!

But - I thought either way, some people might want to know some stuff? Well, I'm a pretty new Arashian, living in Europe and currently a student!! I've only been studying Japanese for a little while now, so I'm definitely not 100% fluent, but I spent the majority of 2020's lockdown studying Japanese so I improved quickly! I can definitely thank Arashi for that. Oh also, I'm LGBT+.

And I'm also a big fan Suda Masaki and Yonezu Kenshi, so bear with me if I ever post about them too :)

If you would like to be friends, just leave a comment and I'll try reply! I don't really add anyone who I don't know as a friend, but I'd like to think I'm not too hard to get to know haha. Feel free to talk to me about anything! :) (I won't be posting locked posts here - those will all go in my community!)

(Slight warning: I have my own personal issues. If I suddenly disappear from LiveJournal, it's probably because of that (or school). I should always be pretty active on Twitter though, so it's best to contact me over there!)

Tags: welcome!

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