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Yonezu Kenshi Lemon Bonus Concert DVD

Hello there! I don't know if anyone will see this, or if anyone who sees this will actually like Yonezu Kenshi, but I wanted to share this anyway!

Yonezu Kenshi was the person who got me into the Japan/J-pop world, and I've been a huge fan of him ever since. I've never been able to watch this concert footage until now, but I managed to get it as a straight DVD file, so I converted it to MP4 for my own use and I thought I might as well share it! Plus this concert also features Suda Masaki, my favourite Japanese celebrity besides Arashi!

This DVD comes from a special edition that included the Lemon single CD and this DVD, and the concert footage was all recorded at the 2018/01/10 Budokan stop of his 2017/2018 Fogbound tour!

Yonezu Kenshi Lemon Bonus DVD:
Length: 46:28 | Download Link: MEGA HQ (1.72GB) / MEGA LQ (626MB)
Do what you want with this, it isn't mine. Just make sure to enjoy! :)

[DVD Set List]1. Suna no Wakusei [LIVE]
2. Shunrai [LIVE]
3. Loser [LIVE]
4. Go Go Yuureisen [LIVE]
5. Alice [LIVE]
6. Peace Sign [LIVE]
7. Uchiage Hanabi [LIVE]
8. Haiiro to Ao (ft. Suda Masaki) [LIVE]
9. Shunrai [MV]
10. Haiiro to Ao (ft. Suda Masaki) [MV]

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